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Welcome, below you can make a payment & learn about web site security.

As an independent insurance agency, we write insurance with close to 30 insurance carriers. Many have direct payment options on their web sites. The carriers listed above may accept credit/debit card or electronic check payments. Please click on your carrier above.

If you cannot find your carrier payment link above, or if you have any questions about making a payment, please contact us directly or give us a call 281-293-7744 Toll Free 1-877-260-0808.

Secure web site transactions

We encourage you to be informed about conducting web site transactions in a secure manner so as to protect your information. We suggest you develop the habit of determining when you are on a secure web site or page before you type or transmit confidential info such as your Credit/Debit Account #, policy #, or SS #.

Ways to determine when you are on a secure web site or page - Look up at the top left of your browser window. You should see a green pad lock, and the address should have a 'S'. For example, https://www.hisot.com. Non-secure would be, http://www.hisot.com. One of the highest levels of security will also contain the full name of the company in the address bar - Home Insurance Solutions of Texas, Inc.

Disclaimer: Home Insurance Solutions of Texas - HISOT - makes no representations or warranties of any nature with regard to the functionality, privacy, or security of the websites linked from or to hisot.com.

We are always striving to make your insurance experience as efficient and convenient as possible. Thanks for a Great 2016!


Susan Flagg - HISOT CEO

Susan's Tips - Buy insurance like an insurance agency CEO - PRO.

Community Engagement

HISOT is an Accredited Business with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

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